My Top Cleansers

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cleansing has always been something I haven't really done. Of course, I was my face and exfoliate and the whole skincare routine, but I've never really known what cleansing was. I thought it was about time I educated myself and put some to the test. I have 2 favorites, one slightly more expensive and one really affordable.

The first is the Sanctuary Spa 'Detox Charcol Mask'. this is such a lovely cleanser that starts off as a gel and once massaged into the skin with water turns to a milky oil. Really luxurious and deeply cleansing. The product self-warms on the face to open up pores and give a really deep clean. It leaves my skin feeling so so soft and fresh. I couldn't recommend it more!

Sanctuary Spa Detoxing Charcol Cleanser -

The second cleanser I have been loving for more of an everyday use is the Simple foaming cleanser. This is a very affordable but good quality cleanser that I use to remove my makeup before cleansing again. I love the simplicity of the product and the assurance that I get from Simple products that my skin isn't going to react badly. This is a great light and kind cleanser that leaves my face clean and refreshed!

Simple Foaming Cleanser -