New In Beauty

Tuesday, 11 October 2016
So Recently I went on a bit of a splurge and I bought quite a few new beauty bits. My top 3 favourite bits were all for the face, I got a new foundation, concealer and a primer/highlighter...

The foundation is the Bourjous Healthy Mix SerumFoundation in '52 Vanille', I have never really ventured into Bourjous makeup before but I have heard quite a lot of good things about the brand and in particular this foundation so I thought I would give it a go! - And I absolutely love it! I didn't want a heavy coverage foundation because I like the 'no makeup makeup' look, but I wanted to be able to hide any discolouration or blemishes if I needed to. The formula is so lovely and light and feels like nothing on the skin. It has a lovely dewy finish and the colour match was pretty much perfect for my weird pale skin!

Foundation -

The concealer I picked up was also by Bourjous and it is the 'Radiance Reveal' concealer in 'Light'.  Again I loooveeee this!! Not too heavy but covers what I need it to. It's really nice and illuminating and definitely brightens under the eyes! love this and I have to say the packaging is so lovely and feels very high end.

Concealer -

I needed a primer but I also wanted a product that I could add to my foundation to give it more glow! I found this product my the brand 'Seventeen' and it looked perfect for what I wanted. It's basically a 2in1 primer and highlighter. I either apply it to my face before the foundation, mix it in with the foundation or just apply it after as a creamy highlighter, it looks quite scary in the bottle but once applied it is quite subtle and not too sparkly.

Highlighter/Primer -

Until next time! Georgie xx