Beauty Favourites | September 2016

Monday, 26 September 2016
My current beauty favourites are always changing as i experiment with new products and get bored of old ones! Here are my recent beauty favourites that I have loved for these last few weeks of summer going into autumn! 

Enjoy x

The first fave of mine is this Benefit Brow Gel (Ready Set Brow £18.50) It's really good at keeping my brows in place all day, they do tend to feel a bit stiff and weird when I have the gel in but at least it keeps them in place! I like that it is clear, perfect for those 'no makeup makeup' days. I have this cute travel sized one and this is great for popping in my bag for doing my makeup on the go!

Ready Set Brow -

This is a brand of brushes that I hadn't ever really heard of, but I really love this brush. I got it in a beauty sub box and thought id give it a go and it is so lovely and soft as well as looking beautiful! I have this slightly tapered fluffy brush (A04 - £7.99) - I'm not 100% certain what it's for but I use it for powdering under my eyes and highlighting! It works perfectly for both and I definitely will be purchasing more of these brushes.

Spectrum Brush -

I'm always looking out for a multifunctional palette that I can use for travelling or just if I'm feeling lazy! I saw this new palette by Bary M (Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette - £6.50) and thought it looked perfect for what I wanted! It has some really nice neutral colours with a mix of matte and slightly shimmery, it also includes a blush which is a beautiful rosy pink. The eye shadows are nice and pigmented and the blush is really nice for a subtle pinkness on the cheeks. 

As you can probably tell I am absolutely loving the blush pink trend that is going around. I've always loved pink but have never fond the right way to wear it without looking 12! I think blush pinks and rose pinks are a great way of incorporating more feminine colours without looking too young! I have always loved Bary M nail varnish, especially their speedy nail varnish because it means I can actually get stuff done quicker! This is such a gorgeous colour and applies beautifully onto the nails. (Bary M Speedy Nail Paint in 'Rose Pink' £4.00)

This last item is another new one for me, by the brand 'Amazing Cosmetics', this is their 'Amazing Concealer' - £19.50), and I actually got this on a flight because I suddenly realised I had forgotten my concealer, but I've ended up really liking it. A little goes a long long way, so it is definitely going to last me a very long time! But really great coverage, easy to blend and doesn't crease during the day!