Egg, Avo' & Tomato Toast

Tuesday, 27 September 2016
I was making breakfast this morning and thought I would document it because it's my absolutely favourite breakfast of all time and it's so easy plus it's healthy, (Bonus!).

You'll need, eggs (I used 2), an avocado, 2 slices of toast and some big tomatoes. I also used some chilli flakes, salt, pepper, garlic salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

First off I popped the toast into the toaster and started on my avo mash. I used both halves of the avocado and used a fork to mash it up in this bowl. This is when I added all of my seasonings, I like the addition of some chilli flakes to add a bit of heat to the dish, but this is obviously optional!

I then fried the eggs so they were nice and runny, and then I was ready to serve everything together.

I spread the avo mash equally onto my toast, sliced up the tomato and added that, and then finally put my two eggs on top, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper... and voila!! The easiest and quickest breakfast but definitely the most delicious and healthy!

Let me know if you try it! Hope you enjoy xxx

Beauty Favourites | September 2016

Monday, 26 September 2016
My current beauty favourites are always changing as i experiment with new products and get bored of old ones! Here are my recent beauty favourites that I have loved for these last few weeks of summer going into autumn! 

Enjoy x

The first fave of mine is this Benefit Brow Gel (Ready Set Brow £18.50) It's really good at keeping my brows in place all day, they do tend to feel a bit stiff and weird when I have the gel in but at least it keeps them in place! I like that it is clear, perfect for those 'no makeup makeup' days. I have this cute travel sized one and this is great for popping in my bag for doing my makeup on the go!

Ready Set Brow -

This is a brand of brushes that I hadn't ever really heard of, but I really love this brush. I got it in a beauty sub box and thought id give it a go and it is so lovely and soft as well as looking beautiful! I have this slightly tapered fluffy brush (A04 - £7.99) - I'm not 100% certain what it's for but I use it for powdering under my eyes and highlighting! It works perfectly for both and I definitely will be purchasing more of these brushes.

Spectrum Brush -

I'm always looking out for a multifunctional palette that I can use for travelling or just if I'm feeling lazy! I saw this new palette by Bary M (Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette - £6.50) and thought it looked perfect for what I wanted! It has some really nice neutral colours with a mix of matte and slightly shimmery, it also includes a blush which is a beautiful rosy pink. The eye shadows are nice and pigmented and the blush is really nice for a subtle pinkness on the cheeks. 

As you can probably tell I am absolutely loving the blush pink trend that is going around. I've always loved pink but have never fond the right way to wear it without looking 12! I think blush pinks and rose pinks are a great way of incorporating more feminine colours without looking too young! I have always loved Bary M nail varnish, especially their speedy nail varnish because it means I can actually get stuff done quicker! This is such a gorgeous colour and applies beautifully onto the nails. (Bary M Speedy Nail Paint in 'Rose Pink' £4.00)

This last item is another new one for me, by the brand 'Amazing Cosmetics', this is their 'Amazing Concealer' - £19.50), and I actually got this on a flight because I suddenly realised I had forgotten my concealer, but I've ended up really liking it. A little goes a long long way, so it is definitely going to last me a very long time! But really great coverage, easy to blend and doesn't crease during the day!

My Top 3 Face Masks

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I feel like face masks have recently made a come back, I never really believed face mask could help with my skin as I never thought I really had any skin problems. But you don't need to have anything particularly wrong with your skin to feel the benefits of face masks as I have recently found!

I wanted to share my top 3 face mask, all three of these face masks help your skin in different ways and are perfect for when your skin needs some extra tlc!- 

L'areal Pure Clay Detox Mask (£7.99):

This is a really interesting mask. It's from a range of 3 clay masks and I chose the detox version. The charcoal is great at pulling out impurities from your skin so perfect for problem skin or even normal skin that you may want to give a deeper cleanse. I love the creamy texture of this and the way it dries hard, its oddly satisfying! It does get pretty messy though especially because its black! so just be careful when removing it. 

Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (£5.76):

This is a Korean skincare mask, it has a very interesting texture, it feels like an exfoliator yet it is a face mask. To apply it you get a small amount and warm it up in your fingers with a small amount of water and you then massage it into your face like you would an exfoliator, but leave it on for 10-15 mins! It's got a lovely smell and makes your skin feel so clean and fresh after you use it. It is quite a harsh exfoliator so if you have sensitive skin it may not be for you, but it can be made more gentle by adding more water to dilute it slightly.

Kaeso Beauty Facial Mask (£7.99):

This is a really lovely gentle mask, super hydrating and great for sensitive and dry skin. It's basically just a really thick moisturiser but you leave a nice thick layer on your skin for about 15 minutes, or you could leave it on for longer, depending on how much hydration you need! This is a great all round mask that can be used for most skin types for an added bit of moisture and repair! 

Autumn ASOS Wishlist

Sunday, 4 September 2016
Autumn is officially here and I could not be more excited!! I wanted to carry on with my seasonal wishlist from ASOS so here is my Autumn version. It's all about cosy jumpers, scarfs and pretty boots this season ad these pieces are so lovely and all quite reasonably priced! 
 enjoy x