Mallorca 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016
Last week I went to Mallorca on a family holiday, I had such an amazing time, staying in an actual castle! - that we rented! There were 9 of us so it was a pretty hectic holiday, but never the less we all enjoyed it. I wanted to share some of my favourite snaps from the holiday with you guys - hope you enjoy :) 

In-Flight Travel Essentials | My Travel Bag

Monday, 4 July 2016

So its officially summer finally! (even though it doesn't really feel like it!) It's that time of year where people go on their summer holidays and I can't wait for mine!

Whether I'm going on a long haul or short haul flight my travel bag stays pretty much the same, I don't like to bring too many things because there's nothing worse than having to carry around too many heavy bags when you're at the airport!

I always bring a selection of magazines and usually a book. I actually buy the magazines at the airport because then I know they're new, and i do usually buy a book at the airport too. my guilty pleasure is gossip magazines so I always make sure I have one of those but I also enjoy my fashion based magazines like vogue to give me some outfit inspo while I'm traveling! I also like lighthearted easy reads, this is great not only for the journey but when you're at your destination they're perfect for the beach or the pool for some entertainment while you're sunbathing!

My phone is obviously always with me anyway but I like to bring a pair of headphones for the flight. I prefer headphones rather than earphones just because it gets very loud on planes and they help to cancel out a bit of the noise! I have these sony headphones and they're just nice and light, not too bulky and just fit in my bag perfectly.

I also bring my sunglasses, they make me feel so summary and ready for the holiday! It's great to have them in your carry on so you can just whip them out when you get there and be super ready for the sun! these are knock off versions of the Dior sunglasses and I just got these from Amazon!

I don't know about you but I get so dry on planes. I always make sure I have a lip balm and a moisturiser. I also bring a hand cream for that horrible feeling you get especially when you're on that flight for a long time! I have the classic vaseline lip balm which is an obvious favourite and this primark hand cream which was only a pound!

Lastly I always pack some mints or chewing gum for the flight. I just like being fresh and feeling comfortable and being in a seat for however many hours doesn't make you feel very fresh! I think having some mints or gum makes you just feel a little more refreshed and is just a nice way of feeling better!

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you keep an eye out for some holiday related videos coming soon!

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ASOS Wishlist | June 2016

Saturday, 2 July 2016
Hey Everyone, probably one of my favourite blog posts to read is clothing wish lists, they always give me so much inspo for shopping ect, and I just love seeing what other people love on Asos! 

I think I'm going to do a new wishlist every month because my style and my finds always change! I hope you enjoy this and like my finds! 

Links :

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