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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I've been really into matte lipsticks and liquid lip colours recently, (along wth everyone!) but I thought I would put together a few of my favourites to share with you and give you my mini review!

Revlon -
These are the new 'Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors', I absolutely love this packaging, it's so sleek and really pleasing to the touch. I got three different shades, the first 'Flirtation', a beautiful bright coral, the second 'Devotion' a bright fuchsia pink, and 'Seduction' which is a lovely nude.

These are a lovely matte liquid lipstick. They feel really creamy and light on application and then dry matte. Once they have dried however they still feel really light and comfortable on the lip. They are the perfect lipsticks for a pop of colour, and are probably my favourite out of all of my lip products.

Sleek - 

Sleek is such a good brand for good quality drugstore products. They are found in Boots and Superdrug, I'm pretty sure! I do really enjoy their eyeshadow palettes as well as their eyebrow palette.  I'd never really tried their lip colours and when I saw these new Liquid Lipsticks I just had to try them! I chose two quite similar colours however they do look very different on the lips. 

They are very very matte. Literally the most matte lipsticks i've ever used! They are also very highly pigmented and obviously completely opaque. If you want a lip colour that could last 24 hours this is the one for you! Bittersweet is a lovely coral colour and Shabby Chic is more of a purple tone. Really loving these at the moment.

MAC - 

Mac has always been a love of mine for more high end makeup. I don't usually shop at Mac and I don't have a lot of their products but the few products I do have are my favourite. They are such good quality and feel very luxurious and special. My all time favourite lip products from Mac are the 'Boldy Bare' lip liner and the all time favourite 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick.

Velvet Teddy is such a beautiful nude. It is quite pink on my lips because I have very fair skin but I think it depends what skin colour you have. It has the most gorgeous creamy consistency and lasts for a very long time. The lipliner is the perfect lipliner for mostly every lipstick. It is also really pretty just all over the lip! it is a matte lipliner and is again very creamy and easy t apply. Just really great classic lip products.


I have always loved Kiko but recently I have been really obsessed with their products. They are such good quality and at a really good price! These are my two favourite lip products from their original range.

The left is the 'Smart Lipstick' in 924, this is a gorgeous rose pink colour, defiantly pinker than velvet teddy but it has a very similar consistency and feel on the lips, with a huge price difference! The smart lipstick isn't necessarily a matte but it does have a matte feel without being uncomfortable on the lip.

On the right is the 'Ultra Glossy Lip Stylo' in 801. This is a glossy lipstick and is probably the most comfortable of all the lip products. It is in a really pretty ash brown colour and it is a bit different to my normal pink theme. I think it is the perfect nude for my skin tone. The colour is slightly transparent so you don't get loads of colour pigment but it is still visible.

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