How To Get Organised!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Recently I've been really motivated to get more organised, I think being organised really clears your head and makes you more calm and feel a lot more on top of things! I have a few tips and things that I've got to share so if you want to get a bit more organised keep reading! ...

I went to a stationary store near me that I hadn't actually heard of before and found these cute little stickers and post its. I really like the colour scheme and I think having some fun colourful stickers makes being organised a lot more fun. You can add these to a blank notebook to spice them up or add them to a pre-made diary. These stickers are also really good for the front of letters or for organising drawers or storage boxes! The to - do stickers are also good for a memo board or just to keep on top of things!

The next really helpful thing to do is have a physical diary. I know everyone just uses their calendar on their phones but having a physical copy is always handy. There's something nice about physically writing down things that are happening. It also means you can go back and look over what you've done i the future and it's a nice way of having a memory book!

It's also good to like your diary or notepad because then you'll want to write in it more! I got this really cool diary as a present and it's got a really fun concept. It is basically just a diary but each page is different. The pages are colourful and artsy and make it a lot more fun to write in. It tries to persuade you to write about whats happened or happening in doodles and I think that's a really fun concept. I do tend to write mostly in here but it is fun to add little doodles to remember. This notebook also give you lots of space to write a lot and there are lots of note pages for notes or I use these for lists normally.

I also use the app 'Wunderlist' to create lists, I like that you can tick off the item once you have completed it and that is such a good feeling! You can also put your lists into categories which helps getting even more organised!

I obviously also use my calendar on my iPhone, I have also connected this to my mac so my calendars are linked!

I hope you enjoyed my little organisation haul and tips ! - Thanks for stopping by!

Georgie xxx