How To Get Organised!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Recently I've been really motivated to get more organised, I think being organised really clears your head and makes you more calm and feel a lot more on top of things! I have a few tips and things that I've got to share so if you want to get a bit more organised keep reading! ...

I went to a stationary store near me that I hadn't actually heard of before and found these cute little stickers and post its. I really like the colour scheme and I think having some fun colourful stickers makes being organised a lot more fun. You can add these to a blank notebook to spice them up or add them to a pre-made diary. These stickers are also really good for the front of letters or for organising drawers or storage boxes! The to - do stickers are also good for a memo board or just to keep on top of things!

The next really helpful thing to do is have a physical diary. I know everyone just uses their calendar on their phones but having a physical copy is always handy. There's something nice about physically writing down things that are happening. It also means you can go back and look over what you've done i the future and it's a nice way of having a memory book!

It's also good to like your diary or notepad because then you'll want to write in it more! I got this really cool diary as a present and it's got a really fun concept. It is basically just a diary but each page is different. The pages are colourful and artsy and make it a lot more fun to write in. It tries to persuade you to write about whats happened or happening in doodles and I think that's a really fun concept. I do tend to write mostly in here but it is fun to add little doodles to remember. This notebook also give you lots of space to write a lot and there are lots of note pages for notes or I use these for lists normally.

I also use the app 'Wunderlist' to create lists, I like that you can tick off the item once you have completed it and that is such a good feeling! You can also put your lists into categories which helps getting even more organised!

I obviously also use my calendar on my iPhone, I have also connected this to my mac so my calendars are linked!

I hope you enjoyed my little organisation haul and tips ! - Thanks for stopping by!

Georgie xxx

Revolution Beauty | Superdrug

I recently found a new makeup brand at Superdrug and I got a few of their products to test them out.
They are very affordable and have a range of different products from eyeshadow palettes and nail varnish to makeup brushes and foundations!

The firs thing I got was the Blush Palette in 'Golden Sugar'. This is more of an all round palette with highlighters, blushes and contour shades within the palette. There is a huge range of colours as well as the pans being a really reasonable size. this whole palette is only £6 and is such good quality for the price! There is a really good mixture of highlighter shades from goldeny tones to a pinky tone and even a gold highlight. the blush is also shimmery almost like the Nars blush in 'Orgasm', and the contour shade is matte.

I also picked up the 'Aqua Priming Base Water', this is a spray primer and is so easy to apply. I apply this onto my skin before I apply my foundation or directly onto my beauty blender while applying. It makes my foundation last a lot longer and gives such a lovely dewiness to my skin and the foundation. this is also only £6!

Blush Palette -
Priming Water -

New In Beauty | Drugstore

Friday, 24 June 2016

 I recently went on a bit of a drugstore makeup spree and found a few new bits and pieces that have already become big favourites of mine!

I have a bit of a mixture of products from different places. The first is the new Loreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. This is such a lovely product, the colour is just perfect for me (I got it in the shade 04). The consistency is so light and airy and it goes on beautifully. I use a beauty blender to apply this and its so easy to blend. the perfect lightweight foundation when you don't want something too heavy!

Maybelline has always been a favourite brand of mine and when I saw this new contour palette I had to have it! Luckily I could get the 'light' shade, as I am very fair, and I can say it is perfect. The contour shade is not orange at all and gives a really natural contour. The highlighter is also nice however I tend to just use the contour part mostly, as I prefer cream highlighters. this is a really handy compact as it includes a brush and mirror below, so perfect for travelling.

I needed a new mascara and I wanted to try something different than my all time favourite they're real by Benefit! I chose this Revlon Mascara, they had a really big range of styles from the formula to the brush type for different looks. I chose the dramatic definition. I love the brush, it's really good at getting all of your lashes and I really like that the formula is very very black. I find the formula quite wet but it just depends what sort of mascara you like!

The last new in beauty item I got was the Orgasm blush by Nars. This has been raved about for years and years and I finally gave in and bought it. I've never really found a blush that suits my skin tone and actually looks good on me so I was really excited about this product. It's a lovely pink colour and is really nice and subtle. I'm not sure this is worth the money but it is defiantly a lovely blush for any skint type.

Thanks for stopping by! xxx

Top 5 Drugstore Foundations

Friday, 17 June 2016

My absolute favourite is the Garnier BB cream. Although this isn't necessarily a foundation it is one of the best BB creams i've ever found. It does have a small amount of coverage but the formula is just so gorgeous. It's so creamy and dewy on the skin - the perfect your skin but better.

Second favourite is the L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. This is a really hyped product so I wanted to see what it was all about! - I am defiantly hooked on this. The formula is so so light and airy but it defiantly has a good amount of coverage. It is very luminous so if you are prone to oily skin you're going to want to make sure you use powder. I love the easiness of this product, with a handy mirror and puffer all inside the compact - perfect for travelling.

Third favourite is the Maybeline Fit Me foundation. I get this foundation in the shade 210, as this is the perfect shade for when I have fake tanned. I also use this on holiday when I have a bit of a tan. This is the perfect foundation for holiday also because it is very light and dewy. As you can probably guess I love dewy foundations and this is probably my favourite formula.

Fourth is the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation. This is defiantly more of a matte foundation, however I would say it doesn't keep you completely matte all day especially if you have oilier skin. This is still a really lovely foundation - and probably on the higher coverage end of the spectrum.

And finally fifth is the Max Factor All Day Flawless Foundation. This is probably my least favourite foundation out of the five but still a really nice one. this is supposedly a 3in1 foundation with proper and concealer, however I would still conceal over the top of this. This foundation defiantly has more of a pinky tone so may not be the best for pinker toned skin.

ASOS Wishlist

Tuesday, 14 June 2016
This is my Asos Wishlist, a mixture of high and low end items, as well as accessories and sunglasses!  I love putting together a moodpboard like this, it gives me loads of inspiration for my wardrobe and for when I go shopping so i have an idea of what i'm looking for! 

Thanks for stopping by x

My Favourite Lip Products | New In Beauty

I've been really into matte lipsticks and liquid lip colours recently, (along wth everyone!) but I thought I would put together a few of my favourites to share with you and give you my mini review!

Revlon -
These are the new 'Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors', I absolutely love this packaging, it's so sleek and really pleasing to the touch. I got three different shades, the first 'Flirtation', a beautiful bright coral, the second 'Devotion' a bright fuchsia pink, and 'Seduction' which is a lovely nude.

These are a lovely matte liquid lipstick. They feel really creamy and light on application and then dry matte. Once they have dried however they still feel really light and comfortable on the lip. They are the perfect lipsticks for a pop of colour, and are probably my favourite out of all of my lip products.

Sleek - 

Sleek is such a good brand for good quality drugstore products. They are found in Boots and Superdrug, I'm pretty sure! I do really enjoy their eyeshadow palettes as well as their eyebrow palette.  I'd never really tried their lip colours and when I saw these new Liquid Lipsticks I just had to try them! I chose two quite similar colours however they do look very different on the lips. 

They are very very matte. Literally the most matte lipsticks i've ever used! They are also very highly pigmented and obviously completely opaque. If you want a lip colour that could last 24 hours this is the one for you! Bittersweet is a lovely coral colour and Shabby Chic is more of a purple tone. Really loving these at the moment.

MAC - 

Mac has always been a love of mine for more high end makeup. I don't usually shop at Mac and I don't have a lot of their products but the few products I do have are my favourite. They are such good quality and feel very luxurious and special. My all time favourite lip products from Mac are the 'Boldy Bare' lip liner and the all time favourite 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick.

Velvet Teddy is such a beautiful nude. It is quite pink on my lips because I have very fair skin but I think it depends what skin colour you have. It has the most gorgeous creamy consistency and lasts for a very long time. The lipliner is the perfect lipliner for mostly every lipstick. It is also really pretty just all over the lip! it is a matte lipliner and is again very creamy and easy t apply. Just really great classic lip products.


I have always loved Kiko but recently I have been really obsessed with their products. They are such good quality and at a really good price! These are my two favourite lip products from their original range.

The left is the 'Smart Lipstick' in 924, this is a gorgeous rose pink colour, defiantly pinker than velvet teddy but it has a very similar consistency and feel on the lips, with a huge price difference! The smart lipstick isn't necessarily a matte but it does have a matte feel without being uncomfortable on the lip.

On the right is the 'Ultra Glossy Lip Stylo' in 801. This is a glossy lipstick and is probably the most comfortable of all the lip products. It is in a really pretty ash brown colour and it is a bit different to my normal pink theme. I think it is the perfect nude for my skin tone. The colour is slightly transparent so you don't get loads of colour pigment but it is still visible.

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Decor Wishlist

Friday, 10 June 2016
So to carry on my redecoration research I went onto the all time favourite website 'Ikea', they have such good and reasonably priced furniture and decor pieces for every room in the house.

I found lots of really good pieces for my new room and now I can't wait to go and pick them all up!

I love the trend of hanging plant pots with rope, I think it gives the room a really rustic look, I also love the minimal and simple white furniture and draws. I want to keep the room really simplistic. I love the wire bed frame, I think the white frame is really effective and looks a lot more expensive than it is!

Georgie xx

Room Decor Inspiration

I am in the process of redecorating my room at home and have been using Pinterest and Tumblr to give me lots of inspiration and ideas as to what I want it to look like!

I've put together a collage of my favourite 'room goal' pics so it might inspire some of you who may be redecorating!

(All photos from Pinterest)

I love the minimalist simple style of decor, with pops of colour from green plants. I also love blush pink and I think it's another great way of incorporating a pop of subtle colour to the room.

Hope this helped with some room inspo!
Georgie x